08. January 2012 - Player ID Operational

The Find Player ID tool should be operational once again.

30. October 2011 - Calculators

The calculators on Seafight Cove are currently getting a long needed revamp, as various factors have been added to the game since they were first published.

If you find any errors or missing parts on the new Damage Calculator, please post it on the Seafight Cove Forums. This news post is currently the only way to access it at the moment, as the old calculators are still being worked on.

7. August 2011 - Signature Generator

A new tool has been added to the website, that you can use to generate a custom forum signature of your own. At the moment, it only supports design images of all the elite levels. When more ship design images have been resized to fit properly, they will be added as well.

The Signature Generator can be accessed from either this link or through the tools section of Seafight Cove

1. August 2011 - Castle Planner

A Castle Planner tool similar to the Skills Planner has been added to Seafight Cove. As well as letting you plan your castles ahead, it will also tell you the total costs of both the slots and abilities.

The Skills Planner has also recieved a change of code for better support of Internet Explorer.

4. July 2011 - Forum Added

As a means for players from around the world to share their opinions and ideas, I've added a forum to Seafight Cove.

UPDATE: There was a problem with the user permissions, but this should be working as intended now.